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Florida Tax Sale and Foreclosure tutorials, strategies, instructions and answers.

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Florida auction and research information for: Tax Liens, Tax Deeds, Foreclosures, Judicial Liens, Bankruptcies, Escheated Property, and more. Free tutorials, research help and 0 cost.

Don't lose your dream by relying on inaccurate information!
Some liens will attach to other properties owned.

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So, your still reading? Well then let me clarify why I have chosen to post over 700 pages of free information. In a nutshell it is because I am tired of all the half truths and inaccurate information.

As an example, "Get your Florida tax lien post foreclosure list for $19!" No one knows what that is because it doesn't exist.

After emailing back and forth with the guy who made that claim it was evident he was alluding to the List of Lands Available for Taxes. Free-go to the County Clerk of Circuit Courts website or in some counties the Tax Deeds Office site and look it up.

These are properties that received no bids at the tax deed sales. If you can't find it in your specific county call the Clerk of Circuit Courts and ask. Some counties call it the List of Lands, in others it is the LAFT "lands available for taxes". IT's simple, no need to pay. The list promoter did however attempt to upsell me to a subscription service because I was uninformed. I would then have access to some information and more lists.

If you are looking for an honest and accurate view of the opportunities available throughout Florida, by investing in real estate, you have found the only free source for information. Florida Tax Sale and Foreclosure Info.


tax sale property huge profit

$4,500 Tax Deed-1.6 Acre Commercial

New Foreclosure Homes Investor Bank Owned Property

Bank REO Paid 48% Of Assessed Value

Short Sales For Less

Short Sale Property Paid $80K Under FMV

tax deed home investor

Tax Deed Paid $15k Assessed $50k

bank owned foreclosures for less

HUD Foreclosure Property paid $23k sold $75k, $20k expenses for 3 week rehab

bankruptcy distressed property invest

Owner Filing Bankruptcy, Flipped In 90 Days 27% Profit--Corner Lot

foreclosure home

Purchased 62% of FMV-distressed owner no rehab

tax deed property

From Tax Deed To Rental House

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